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Company Vitals:

Business Name: Canwell Group, LLC
Business Type: LLC
State Incorporated: Missouri
Date Incorporated: April 29, 2010
Federal ID: 27-2569200
DunsBradstreet: 962532169
CAGE Code: 605L3
Business Certs:Woman-Owned Business (WBE)
Business Certs:Minority-Owned Business (MBE)
Business Certs:Hispanic-Owned business (MBE)
Internal Employees:16
External Partners:632

NAICS Codes:

237130Power, Communication Line, Related StructuresYYYY
238210Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring InstallationYYYY
238910Site Preparation Contractors YNYY
334210Telephone Apparatus ManufacturingYNYY
423430Computer, Computer Peripherals, Software WholesaleYNYY
493110General Warehouse and StorageYNYY
493190Other Warehouse and StorageYNYY
517110Wired Telecommunication Carrier ServicesYNYY
517210Wireless Telecommunication CarriersYNYY
517911Telecommunications ResellersYNYY
541512Computer Systems Design Services YNYY
541611Admin Management, Consulting ServicesYNYY
811213Communication Equipment Repair and MaintenanceYNYY

Product Service Codes:

NO59Install of Electrical Wiring SystemsYNYY
NO60Install of Fiber Optic MaterialsYNYY
S113Telephone And/Or Communication ServicesYNYY
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Canwell Group, LLC
9064 Watson Road
St Louis, MO 63126


(636) 448-6860 Office
(314) 849-1413 Fax

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