IT Infrastructure Services from Canwell

Central Office Engineering, Furnish, Installation & Testing

Canwell Group offers turn-key EFI&T services as a core capability. Our Engineering and Installation staff has an average of 20 years experience designing and deploying projects ranging from one to one-hundred nodes. We observe engineering and installation standards including, but not limited to, those set out by Telcoria in the GR-1275 and AT&T TP-76XXX. Every project is assigned a Canwell group Project Manager that will deploy based on PMI principles that have been proven to increase ROI since our inception. Some of the technologies deployed include:

  • DACS
  • M13 HUBS
  • VoCOAX

Canwell Group also specializes in Common System Infrastructure and CO Modernization. We regularly EF&I the following:

  • Cross-Connect Systems (DS1, DS3, FO)
  • Alarms
  • Timing
  • Infrastructure Build-Outs
  • Fire Suppression – Fire Stopping
  • Collocation
  • Cable Mining
  • Central Office Record Verification
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Technical Warehousing & Distribution

Canwell Group is a pioneer in the Technical Warehousing sector. Whether your needs require an integrated solution coinciding with our Custom Build To Order program or just space for storage, Canwell Group has become the go-to partner for major RBOC, CLEC, and ILECs. This business unit was born from the idea that all major deployments require complex shipping and distribution schedules. Our spin on this age-old industry: if customers have to meet distribution and shipping needs, why not do it with a technical firm that understands the equipment and site requirements. Furthermore, because we know the equipment, we can package this offering with our EFI&T to cut down on mobilizations. We now offer standard freight or custom truck configurations depending on the solution, globally.

We have further enhanced our Distribution reach by adding algorithm-based software solutions to manage Just-In-Time (JIT) Supply-Chain programs. We have global warehouse hubs committed to our Standard of Excellence so that streamlined processes are adhered to across all borders. As our responsibilities have grown so has our investment to infrastructure and commitment to excellence.

Project Staging Solutions

Hardware Procurement

  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Project Kitting & Staging

Asset Recovery

  • Collocation Removal and Storage
  • Reseller Broker for Refurbished Telco
  • Bar-Coding and RF Solutions

Custom Warehousing

  • Telco Solutions
  • Distribution & Logistics Programs
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Inside Plant / Structured Cabling Solutions

Canwell Group excels in the design and installation of Structured Network Cabling Systems.

Through the development of our partner program and contractor network, we successfully engineer, design, build, and test structured copper and fiber cable networks throughout the World. This established network in conjunction with our single source contact and management philosophy allows us to provide value added communication cabling solutions to a variety of customers.

We implement structured Voice, Data, Radio, and/or CATV cable networks for all branches of the Armed Forces, United States Government Agencies, and a variety of Commercial/Enterprise companies.

We work in both commercial and government facilities and incorporate the appropriate industry standards to provide a quality and approved installation. We are a full turnkey company from engineering, acquisition of material, implementation, and site acceptance. Canwell Group handles many types of Inside Plant Services including:

  • Site Survey & Design
  • Riser Cable Distribution Systems
  • Copper & Fiber Cabling
  • Horizontal Cable & Wiring
  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Sub Structure
  • Mainframe Installation
  • Telephone System Cutover Services
  • Coax Cable Design & Installation
  • ISP Material Acquisition
  • Testing & Verification
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • Backbone Distribution Systems
  • Telecom Rooms
  • Telecom Entrance Facilities & Termination
  • Data Center Build-Outs
  • Relay Rack & Server Cabinet Installations
  • Cable Management Systems
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Outside Plant Design / Build Solutions

Canwell Group can provide a wide variety in Outside Plant (OSP) services. Some of our core OSP services include:

  • Horizontal Directional Boring
  • Machine Excavation
  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Manhole & Conuit Validations
  • Large & Small Conduit Installations
  • Manhole & Hand Hole Installations
  • Under Ground Fiber Optic Cable Installation
  • Under Ground Copper Cable Installation
  • Above & Below Grade Building Entrances
  • Overhead / Aerial Plant Installation
  • Wreck Out & Removal
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Engineering Services

Canwell Group offers a wide range of engineering services and the ability to perform those services around the world. Our professionally trained staff offer our customers custom designed solutions to their most complex projects which may include:

  • OSP Design & Engineering
  • ISP Design & Engineering
  • Fiber, Copper, & Wireless
  • CADD Drafting
  • Government & Commercial GIS/GPS Services
  • Right-of-Way Engineering
  • Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Site Surveys
  • Facility Validation
  • Permit Acquisition
  • Feasibility studies

Our engineers bring decades of experience to the Design, Engineering and Implementation of advanced telecommunication projects. Canwell Group is widely recognized as an innovator in the communications and related industries. We bring a high level of technological know-how, innovation, quality and integrity to our projects, both large and small.

GIS/GPS Data Collection & Mapping

Utilizing the industries latest technology, equipment and software, the Canwell Group geospatial team is trained and experienced with the knowledge and understanding to respond to your government and commercial data needs.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is used for locating Geospatial Installation Services (GIS) features real time as they are installed or post implementation and include but are not limited to:

  • Manhole & Conduit System Data Collection.
  • Aerial & Underground Utility Data Collection.
  • Government & Municipal Right of Way Data Collection.
GIS Mapping

Canwell Group GIS mapping systems are based on ESRI ArcGIS software family for problem solving that is quickly understood and easily shared between all users.

Our final GIS mapping delivery format can be in the form of ESRI Shapefiles, ESRI Geodatabase with relationship classes and domains, CADD, PDF, Images (.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, etc…), Google Earth and Google Map, and 3D views and animations.

Here at Canwell Group we use ESRI ArcPad software for GPS feature collection for easy ‘Check-out’ and ‘Check-in’ to ArcMap GIS mapping software. Our GPS data will be collected in a WGS-84 latitude and longitude projection and converted to a State Plane Coordinate System of the client’s choice. We comply with the Communications Feature Location Data (CFLD) and Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) standards for government projects.

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DC Power Systems

Canwell Group employs well trained professional engineers and installation personnel to provide backup power services in any part of the world including:

  • Complete DC Power Plants
    • Augmentations
    • Upgrades
  • Rectifiers
  • Battery Plants & Disposal
  • Inverter Systems
  • UPS Systems
  • Secondary Power Distribution
  • Thermal Runaway Detection
  • Grounding Systems
  • All Required Sub Structure
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Site Preparation Services

Canwell Group offers a diverse range of professional engineering staff incorporating innovative design and ideas in providing system wide services in all regions of the country. Our disciplines include:

  • Site Surveys and engineering analysis - On site engineering of the entire scope for the upgrade or assessment of physical and electronic facilities
  • Foundation construction - Coordinating and implementing pad to meet rigid requirements of the customer with turnkey processes
  • ISP design and Engineering - Fully integrated engineering of racks, cable ladder, AC and DC power applications, Grounding systems, alarms and equipment installation and test
  • Fiber placement (ISP-OSP) - Fiber backhaul from backbones-all building entrance links terminated on fiber distribution panels
  • Equipment rack install - Mounting, installing and incorporating equipment per customer specification-grounding, bonding and isolation hardware implementation
  • DC Power plants install and upgrades - Installation and testing of battery plants- upgrades and complete battery change-outs for end of life for plants.
  • Generator design and integration - Generator shelter design, generator sizing and engineering to provide new service standby power or replacement of existing units to meet demand requirements
  • AC power requirements - Power feeds from main inputs from utilities to transfer switch and generator backup designs included with shelter pad implementation
  • Site supervision (routes and regions) - Expert supervision for all facets of the construction phases from ground breaking to final approval by the customer
  • Facility Validation - All testing and integration activities with a quality control factor to meet the Feasibility studies
  • CADD drafting as- built documentation

The engineering expertise brings solid, performance proven methods to the design, engineering and implementation of advanced telecommunications projects. Canwell Group takes pride as an innovator in communications and related industries. Our high level of technological applications history, along with quality and integrity to our projects ensures our customers’ requirements are delivered on time and budget. Every project we engage, on any scale, is approached with a dynamic outlook and will respond to changing environments and requirements with viable solutions to the customer’s challenges.

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Data Center Solutions

Canwell Group extends our Cabling, Power, and HVAC expertise into the Data Center. More than ever, companies are looking at ways to securely store their vital info in a centralized location. That location is the Data Center. Data Centers can be a very expensive endeavor with items power, UPS, and HVAC. Upfront costs are only the beginning. Maintenance and power costs over the life of the system can represent a large portion of the total cost of ownership. Canwell Group has the skills to bring the latest proven technologies to the Data Center. Canwell Group can assess your existing Data Center, or design and build a new location. No matter what the environment, or the challenge, our team will utilize the latest technology to create a solution to protect your most valuable asset…your data. The green Data Center is no longer the future….it is today. Our service offerings include the following:

  • Facility Analysis – Let us look at your current data center, and bring solutions to lower costs, energy use, and maintenance costs.
  • Capacity Planning – Got growth? Let us help you manage and design scalable systems to fit the need.
  • Design and Construction – Building new? Our team can design and build a complete turn key solution utilizing the latest “green” technology.
  • Energy Efficiency – This idea is behind every aspect of Data Center management…and it’s a concept that is included in every decision we make in the Data Center... Ask how we cut costs…this is the answer.
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Network Services

Data networks are the backbone of communication. Whether it is internet, email, or countless applications, all of these require a data network to keep connected. Canwell Group offers data network planning, design, and implementation. Our certified network engineers will design a robust and reliable data network to fit any customer requirement. From large campus based networks, to small single building deployments Canwell Group can provide standards based commercial off the shelf deployments to support basic data, VoIP, and wireless implementations.

  • Network Upgrades
  • Network Augmentations
  • Network Consolidation
  • Network Configurations
  • Security
  • Wireless

Canwell Group prides ourselves on the ability to bring to market a turnkey network solution with seamless migration of your existing network. Information is your most valuable resource, and a data network from Canwell Group will ensure that information continues to flow within your organization.

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Physical / Network Security

Canwell Group specializes in many aspects of Security Services. Our capabilities in both commercial and government facilities adheres to all of the industry standards to provide a quality and an approved installation. We are a full turnkey company from acquisition of material, engineering, implementation, and site acceptance. Canwell Group handles many types of Security Services including:

  • Survey & Design
  • Low Voltage Cabling
  • Video & Surveillance
  • IP Video & Analog Compatibility
  • Wireless Mesh Networks for Security
  • Software & Hardware Configurations
  • Fiber Perimeter Systems
  • Testing & Verification
  • Systems Integration
  • PDS Secure Raceway
  • Accessories
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Wireless LAN & MESH Networks

Wireless 802.11 networks are a valuable architecture for staying connected. They provide increased productivity and make the idea of an “anywhere office” possible. The key to building reliable and secure wireless networks is all in the design. Whether it is wireless LAN’s in an office building, or point-to-point bridges providing connectivity to remote sites, Canwell Group has the solution.

The foundation of every design is a solid site survey. Our engineers can perform physical site surveys as well as utilize predictive modeling in software. Based on these surveys, Canwell Group can design a reliable and secure network. With each challenge and requirement, Canwell Group can ensure your wireless networking needs are met. Planning on an RFID deployment? Want to design a network to support wireless voice? All of these requirements entail special consideration in wireless design, and Canwell Group has it covered.

Post survey our installation technicians will cable and install the solution. Each wireless deployment requires a follow up survey to ensure your network is working as designed. The survey is done to make certain that the network you requested is delivered as promised.

wireless LAN MESH networks

What we’ve found is that many wireless networks were installed without site surveys. In many cases, these networks work fine. In many other situations, users can find the networks unusable. Canwell Group can work with existing wireless networks to troubleshoot and resolve wireless issues. Environments and user requirements change. These changes can dramatically affect a wireless installation. Canwell Group can analyze existing networks and provide a solution.

Whatever the area, whatever the challenge, Canwell Group can get the signal there, and get your “anywhere office” up and running.

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