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Technical Warehousing & Distribution

Canwell Group is a pioneer in the Technical Warehousing sector. Whether your needs require an integrated solution coinciding with our Custom Build To Order program or just space for storage, Canwell Group has become the go-to partner for major RBOC, CLEC, and ILECs. This business unit was born from the idea that all major deployments require complex shipping and distribution schedules. Our spin on this age-old industry: if customers have to meet distribution and shipping needs, why not do it with a technical firm that understands the equipment and site requirements. Furthermore, because we know the equipment, we can package this offering with our EFI&T to cut down on mobilizations. We now offer standard freight or custom truck configurations depending on the solution, globally.

We have further enhanced our Distribution reach by adding algorithm-based software solutions to manage Just-In-Time (JIT) Supply-Chain programs. We have global warehouse hubs committed to our Standard of Excellence so that streamlined processes are adhered to across all borders. As our responsibilities have grown so has our investment to infrastructure and commitment to excellence.

Project Staging Solutions

Hardware Procurement

  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Project Kitting & Staging
Asset Recovery
  • Collocation Removal and Storage
  • Reseller Broker for Refurbished Telco
  • Bar-Coding and RF Solutions

Custom Warehousing

  • Telco Solutions
  • Distribution & Logistics Programs