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Wireless LAN & MESH Networks

Wireless 802.11 networks are a valuable architecture for staying connected. They provide increased productivity and make the idea of an “anywhere office” possible. The key to building reliable and secure wireless networks is all in the design. Whether it is wireless LAN’s in an office building, or point-to-point bridges providing connectivity to remote sites, Canwell Group has the solution.

The foundation of every design is a solid site survey. Our engineers can perform physical site surveys as well as utilize predictive modeling in software. Based on these surveys, Canwell Group can design a reliable and secure network. With each challenge and requirement, Canwell Group can ensure your wireless networking needs are met. Planning on an RFID deployment? Want to design a network to support wireless voice? All of these requirements entail special consideration in wireless design, and Canwell Group has it covered.

Post survey our installation technicians will cable and install the solution. Each wireless deployment requires a follow up survey to ensure your network is working as designed. The survey is done to make certain that the network you requested is delivered as promised.

wireless LAN MESH networks

What we’ve found is that many wireless networks were installed without site surveys. In many cases, these networks work fine. In many other situations, users can find the networks unusable. Canwell Group can work with existing wireless networks to troubleshoot and resolve wireless issues. Environments and user requirements change. These changes can dramatically affect a wireless installation. Canwell Group can analyze existing networks and provide a solution.

Whatever the area, whatever the challenge, Canwell Group can get the signal there, and get your “anywhere office” up and running.